Why Choose Us?

It is not easy for young children to acquire a second or even a third language successfully. They need good language models and well-designed environments to enhance their foreign language learning and acquisition.  Enrich English is dedicated to help young learners to obtain a good foundation in the English language as well as to develop a strong interest in learning the language. While we highly value the importance of play, our objective-based curriculum and well-structured lessons can help your child build a strong foundation in the English language.

Enrich English is the best choice for non-English speaking young children to learn English as

  • Our Curriculum are developed by experts in education and are continually reviewed
  • Courses are taught in a happy, creative, and imagination-enhancing setting
  • Courses are delivered by passionate, creative and friendly professional native English teachers
  • Children will be highly engaged and learn through games, songs and activities
  • Students’ learning progress will be evaluated and assessed every term