Our Fantastic English – Writing Builders program focuses on building up the grammar skills as well as developing writing skills of Primary school students. Students will build up essential writing skills through practice and learn to organize their ideas so as to produce a well-structured composition. There are six levels in this program.

The objectives are as follows:

  • To apply grammar rules though writing practices
  • To be familiarized with the structure of writing
  • To understand and identify the purpose of writing
  • To be exposed to and practice different types of writing
  • To organize ideas and plan writing in a structured manner
  • To develop and expand students’ vocabulary repertoire

Activities in the program include: Teaching time, Writing exercises, Graphic Organizer and Writing time

Material used in the program: “Teaching Writing- Differentiated Instruction with Leveled Graphic Organizers”, “Building Essential Writing Skills” and “100 writing lessons”

Each student will finish a workbook, receive a midterm evaluation and an assessment per term.

School level requirement: P.1 – P. 6

Class size: 4 – 5 students

Class duration: 1 hour