Trinity YPC program is uniquely designed to combine all the fun of a drama class with confidence-building, social skills, language skills and creative development of young children. We emphasize on: teamwork and participation, listening and sharing, dramatic play and storytelling. In our fun-filled English classes, through drama and creative activities, students’ expressive power and communication skills will be greatly enhanced.

Objectives of this program:

  • To prepare children for the internationally recognized Trinity YPC certificate examinations
  • To build on children’s communication and performance skills through drama
  • To encourage children to work together in groups by performing a piece of literature
  • To help children to develop self-confidence and self-esteem in speaking as well as performing in English

Activities within the program include: Performing Skills Time (facial expressions, voice projection, body movements and so on), Singing and Rehearsal time.

An examination will be arranged upon request.

School level requirement: K.1 – K.3

Class size: 6 – 12 students

Class duration: 1 hour each lesson

Number of classes: 14 classes per grade

Exam fee: Charges refer to Trinity College