Our Playgroup offers a unique curriculum devised through years of experience and expertise; it's all-round program covers the most important areas of development of toddlers in their early childhood.

All learning activities have been designed to suit the developmental needs of children of this age. The objectives of the programs are:

  • To enhance young children to grow and flourish in four main domains: language and cognition, physical agility, aesthetic appreciation and creative power, and social skills
  • Learners will learn and master some basic but abstract Mathematical concepts through interesting activities
  • To inculcate children with a sense of discipline and courtesy such as following instructions, tidying up, taking turns, saying “thank you” and many more
  • To enhance parent-child bonding. When parents accompany their children in an unfamiliar setting or situation, their positive interactions will result in a stronger and more intimate relationship

Activities within this program include: Music and Movement, Topic Time, Obstacle Course, Sensory Play, Arts and Craft, and Snack Time.

This course requires a parent or a consistent caregiver to accompany the child.

Age range: 15 – 24 months old

Class size: 4 – 8 children

Class duration: 1 hour