The aim of this program is to foster in young children an acute awareness of an interest in art, as well as to nurture their creative spirit.

All learning activities have been designed to suit the developmental needs of children of this age. The objectives are as follows:

  • To develop learners' aesthetic appreciation
  • To encourage learners to see and observe the world and to communicate their feelings through painting or drawing
  • To encourage and empower learners to express themselves by using simple and ordinary objects to create artistic pieces or work
  • To provide practice and training in hand-eye coordination
  • To develop learners' fine motor skills through different sensory stimulating media such as art tools, textures and colors
  • To expand learners' English language repertoire through art activities and different topics

Activities within the program include: Topic & Imagination, Sketchbook Art and Little Picasso. (Students will make 3-4 pieces of artwork every class)

Age requirement: 2 – 3 years old (students should be currently attending Kindergarten Pre-nursery class)

Class size: 4-8 students

Class duration: 1 hour