Our Phonics and Reader program will lay a solid foundation in your child to become a fluent reader and accurate speller. Different letter combinations, such as blends, digraphs and letter sounds, will be rehearsed throughout the course. The pronunciation aspect will be heavily emphasized to ensure your child pronounces words with the clarity as that of a native English speaker. Students will also be introduced to reading short sentences and gradually learn to read simple books independently. Towards the end of our program, your child’s reading and spelling ability will be noticeably more advanced than before. This program will be taught with the world’s renowned phonics program – Letterland.

Objectives of this program:

  • To build on children’s phonetic awareness and phonics skill
  • To empower children to use simple blending and spelling skills to read out and spell short words
  • To enable children to identify words through its beginning sound
  • To develop children’s fluency of reading through decoding short words and be able to pronounce tricky words
  • To build children’s confidence in reading

Activities within this program include: Phonic Learning, Phonics Games, Big Group Reading, Blending and Spelling Practice and Workbook time.

Each student will finish a workbook, receive a midterm evaluation and an assessment per term.

School level requirement: K.2 – K.3

Class size: 4 – 8 students

Class duration: 1 hour each lesson

Number of classes: 14 classes per term