Our Fantastic English – Reading and Grammar program focuses on building up the reading ability as well as developing skills in completing comprehension exercises of Primary school students. Basic grammar will also be taught to ensure students able to write in grammatically correct sentences. There are six levels in this program.

The objectives are as follows:

  • To practice reading, understanding and interpreting literary and informational passages
  • To build up the read aloud ability of students
  • To develop a reading habit in students
  • To expand the vocabulary bank of students
  • To enable students to learn and apply different grammar rules
  • To develop language arts skills in students Activities

Activities in the program include: Reading Time, Reading Comprehension and Grammar Practice

Material used in the program: “Literary Passages-Close Reading”, “Building Essential Language Arts Skills” and “25 Complex Text Passages To Meet the Common Core”

Each student will finish a workbook, receive a midterm evaluation and an assessment per term.

School level requirement: P.1 – P. 6

Class size: 4 – 5 students

Class duration: 1 hour