Our Baby Buds Playgroup is an one-hour session with the aim of nurturing an infant’s sense of security and trust with our well-trained teacher in a fun, accepting and loving environment. Meanwhile, infants' relational and cognitive developments will be enhanced through creative, sensory as well as motor-based activities.

All learning activities have been designed to suit the developmental needs of infants of their age. Our lesson objectives are:

  • To enable infant's listening and responsive abilities to musical beats and rhythm with body movements
  • To arouse infant’s curiosity about the world, through different sensory-based media
  • To enhance infant's development of visual, audio and physical skills through appropriate and systematic teaching techniques
  • Introduction to music and art
  • To stimulate and strengthen infant's sense of hearing, sense of touch and sense of smell
  • To enhance infant's mental development of focus and concentration

Activities within this program include: Musical Exploration, Learning Activity, Movement Time, Messy Art, Snack Time, and Cool Down.

This course requires a parent or a consistent caregiver to accompany the infant.

Age range: 10 – 15 months old

Class size: 4 – 8 children

Class duration: 1 hour